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TraveLibro Greece Santorini Featured City
Mention Santorini to anyone and they are immediately taken back to a land of whitewashed houses, blue roofs, a sense of romance in the air and breathtaking scenic beauty! This crescent-shaped island, also known as Thira in Greek, is truly a gem of the Aegean Sea. Very few though, know that Santorini is still a complex of islands with active volcanic activity with the crater in the sea. These islands themselves were formed over time due to a result of intense volcanic activity—12 eruptions in total. This however, does not deter tourists from coming in hordes and descending upon this picturesque and stunningly beautiful archipelago, especially the honeymoon traffic. Its reputation as the most romantic destination in the world also makes it a popular choice for a wedding destination. Visit the famous island of Oia, Fira and Caldera and exchange kisses and profess your undying love on a sunset dinner cruise. Swim through the healing, warm waters and see the evil looking pieces of hot magma on a Volcano and Hot Springs tour. End it with a donkey ride and an experience wine tasting, especially the Rose!
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TraveLibro Greece Santorini Featured City Oia


Located on the north of the island and carved out of the cliffs, Oia, pronounced as ‘la’, is famous for its serene lifestyle and spectacular sunsets. Atop a cliff, this picturesque village offers a magnificent view over the volcano Palia and Nea Kameni and the island of Thirassia. Visit the Maritime Museum with its small library and the remains of the Venetian fortress. Take a boat from the town’s small port, Ammoudi to Thirassia, the island opposite. Stroll through the whitewashed houses, blue shutters and the maze of narrow streets discovering something new at each corner.

TraveLibro Greece Santorini Featured City Fira


The capital of Santorini, Fira is located on the west coast of the island. Enjoy the panoramic view of the volcano now submerged in the sea, from a height of 260 m. Fira has charming white houses with blue doors and windows and blue-domed churches, while the highlight is the caldera. Visit the Archeological Museum, the Museum of Prehistoric Thira, and the Megaro Gyzi Museum, the Agios Minas, the cathedral of Christ, the cathedral of Ipapanti, the monastery of Panagia ton Dominikanidon, Panagia tou Rodariou, and the Catholic Cathedral. Relax at one of the restaurants, bars or nightclubs watching the sun turn the sky the colour of tequila.

TraveLibro Greece Santorini Featured City Volcano and Hot Springs Tour

Volcano and Hot Springs Tour

Enjoy the scenic natural beauty created by volcanic eruptions by taking a tour on one of the local cruises to see the volcano craters. Nea Kameni is the central one to be explored. You can also see the pretty village from here. Palea Kameni is the place you should visit for hot springs that are known to have healing properties. Take a dip to take advantage of the sulphurous springs. Also, do remember to click a picture of the Caldera, while enjoying the breathtaking view.

Image Courtesy: Nikos Roussos via Flickr
TraveLibro Greece Santorini Featured City Kamari Beach

Kamari Beach

Covered in black sand, Kamari Beach is a very popular tourist destination. On the left of the beach there’s a huge rock ‘Mesa Vouno’ rising from the sea. This beach is also the largest on Santorini. You need to be careful of the pebbles and the rocks though, so it’s wise to carry protective footwear along. Go for a swim in the clear blue waters of the sea, which does wonders for your skin. Chill out, grab a bite and sip on your favourite beverage at one of the many restaurants, snack-bars, cafés, and tavernas lining the promenade.

TraveLibro Greece Santorini Featured City Perivolos Beach

Perivolos Beach

Located on the south of Santorini, Perivolos Beach lies between Vihada and Perissa (another beach). Together with Perissa, the entire stretch of sand is really long. Perivolos is unique as it’s popular for its sparkling azure waters and a serene ambiance. A well-organised beach, you can rent out a sun bed, a beach umbrella and catch up on some siesta. Alternatively, indulge in some water sports, if you want to feel the adrenaline rush. There’s a lot happening here; revel in the fun while relaxing.

TraveLibro Greece Santorini Featured City Wine Museum

Wine Museum

Learn everything about winemaking at the Koutsoyannopoulos Wine Museum. The winery and the vineyards are located in the Vothonos region on the way to the Kamari beach. This is a unique place with an extraordinary natural cave, which is six meters below ground level. Travel through the history of wine from 1660 to 1970. This family business, started by brothers Gregory and Dimitris Koutsoyannopoulos, takes you through the entire process of winemaking and the museum has historical exhibits that include rare machinery and tools. Sip on some of the best Greek wines—the best reds, whites and rosés at the Wine Museum.

Image Courtesy: Nessa Gnatoush / Shutterstock.com
TraveLibro Greece Santorini Featured City Donkey Santorini Brewing Company

Donkey Santorini Brewing Company

Beer lovers, certainly head here. Situated on in Meso Gonia, the Donkey Santorini Brewing Company, thus named because of the donkeys that ferry you up from the port to the Fira village, brews its own beers. You get a taste of three brewers—Yellow Donkey (a blonde ale), Red Donkey (a red ale), and Crazy Donkey (an IPA). Established in 2011 and the brainchild of a Greek oenologist, a Serbian brewer, an English brewing enthusiast, and an American, the Donkey Santorini Brewing Company is very popular among tourists. Experience a hop and kick when you guzzle down a few ales and lagers here.

TraveLibro Greece Santorini Featured City Ancient Akrotiri

Ancient Akrotiri

Visit the fascinating Neolithic archaeological site of Ancient Akrotiri whose first settlement was in 3000 BC and reached its peak after 2000 BC. Dubbed as the ‘Mineon Pompeii’, Ancient Akrotiri was a hub of trade and agriculture and was sadly destroyed by intense volcanic eruptions in 1450 BC. It went inhibited for two centuries after the eruptions and the town remained buried until 1860. Then, in 1967, Professor Spyridon Marinatos of the Archaeological Society at Athens began systematic excavations of Akrotiri. He discovered several well-preserved frescoes, three-storeyed houses, furniture, vessels, and even imported objects that indicated its relations and communication with other regions.

TraveLibro Greece Santorini Featured City Perissa Beach

Perissa Beach

Extending for 7 km on the southeastern side of the island and situated 15 km southeast of the town of Fira, Perissa is the most beautiful beach here. The black sand, the crystalline waters, and the huge rock, Mesa Vouno are the main features of the beach. Besides, its location directly under the hill where the Profitis Ilias church is situated makes Perissa the best wind-protected beach on the island as it is blocked from the strong northern summer winds. There are several tavernas, restaurants, cafés, bars, and nightclubs on the beachfront to unwind.

TraveLibro Greece Santorini Featured City Hire a Catamaran Cruise

Hire a Catamaran Cruise

Get on board a catamaran cruise, watching the whitewashed towns, multi-hued rock formations and stunning private beaches. Choose from the numerous half and full day private cruise services and see the volcano, the Red Beach, the White Beach and the Hot Springs, among other sites. Go snorkelling or swimming at the White Beach or the Red Beach. Pick a day or a sunset cruise as per your convenience; traditional delicious meals and excellent drinks are a part of the cruise as well.

Image Courtesy: Robert Pittman via Flickr
TraveLibro Greece Santorini Featured City Red Beach

Red Beach

Located some steps away from the ancient archaeological site of Akrotiri, the Red Beach is considered the most famous and the most beautiful beach of the island. The soaring red lava cliffs drop down to the sandy shore making it a magnificent setting. The beach is quite small, so it can get crowded, yet it’s a lovely destination for a quiet getaway. Snorkelling is highly recommended because of the unique rock formations. Go swimming in the blue waters, watch the red and black rock formations, and walk on the red, white and black sand.

TraveLibro Greece Santorini Featured City Donkey Ride

Donkey Ride

Take the popular donkey ride to the cliff tops of Fira and get a kick out of it. The donkey is also Santorini’s logo so go for the experience instead of the cable cars or walking up the 657 four inch tall steps. It takes about 25 minutes for the ride up and 15 minutes down. Take back home a souvenir of the donkey.

TraveLibro Greece Santorini Featured City  Imerovigli


Considered the most romantic destination Imerovigli, located at the north of Santorini is a picturesque tiny village two km away from Fira, the capital. A traditional village Imerovigli is apparently one of the most beautiful ‘balconies’ of Santorini. You can get a clear view of the caldera from the village. There’s a huge rock called Skaros in front of the village with a castle on top of it, which until 1800 it was a part of the land. Explore the many churches and chapels in the village and enjoy the view of endless rich blues with mountains looming in the middle.

TraveLibro Greece Santorini Featured City Amoudi Bay

Amoudi Bay

In the northwest of Oia lies a very scenic port, Amoudi Bay, which is considered to be the best place for a swim on the island. It is situated in a cove overlooking the caldera and offers stunning views of it. This tiny fishing region is surrounded by steep cliffs and has many pretty tavernas serving fresh catch. Don't miss having a sunset dinner of traditional seafood mezze dishes along with wine, at the seaside restaurants here. You can reach it by foot or car; you can laze at the red beach of Amoudi that has charming white buildings surrounding it.

TraveLibro Greece Santorini Featured City Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving

Santorini is one of the best destinations to go scuba diving. So, dive into the blue confines of the Aegean Sea and explore the different sites in the caldera lagoon. The Faros Reef is great for beginners, while the Cave Lagoon is another spot off the beach of Kamari for this sport.There are several diving centres you can choose from that offer diving classes for all ages and levels. Explore the beautiful underwater world of the island.

TraveLibro Greece Santorini Featured City Emporio Village

Emporio Village

The largest settlement in Santorini, Emporio Village is located 12 km from Fira and is on the foothills of Mount Profitis Ilias Mountain. Emporio is also one of the five fortified castles on the island. You can see the mountain ridge of Gavrilos above the village where the Byzantine ruins of the fortress Kateli is located. Goulas is another ruin at the entrance of the village, which is a square medieval castle. Also, at the entrance are two beautiful blue-domed churches that have an impressive bell tower, which also dominate the village. Explore this quaint village for well- preserved castles, churches and historic architecture.

TraveLibro Greece Santorini Featured City Santorini Wine Tour

Santorini Wine Tour

Take a trail and explore Sigalas, Santos, Gaia and other distinct wineries as well as traditional cellars of Santorini through a unique wine tasting journey. Taste some excellent wines coming from the oldest vineyards in Europe and unravel the secrets of winemaking. Known for its fine wines, unique soil and sunshine, Santorini offers some interesting wine and food experiences where you can taste, indulge in some cooking and learn about this classy beverage. Pick a sunset tour for a more exciting experience and taste your wines watching the exquisite sunsets. Take back memories of a lifetime!

Image Courtesy: Marcelo Costa via Wikipedia
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