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TraveLibro Croatia

Croatia stands tall in authenticity and style, flaunting the beautiful vestiges of history, the festivals of today and the timeless stunning landscapes. On the track of development but holding on to its culture, Croatia offers all the usual modern pleasures along with unique pieces of its own identity.

Dubrovnik and Hvar, sway to the beats of music with cocktail bars, harbours and celebrity spotting. The country doesn't fail to cater to those looking for serene unwinding with isolated fishing villages, coves and lighthouse islets. The marvel then moves to the architectural gems of the country, owing to its rulers of Italian, Austro-Hungarian, Roman and Venetian origin- the Roman cathedrals in Zadar, Roman Amphitheatre in Pula and ornate European architecture with Italian touch (Eg: in Zagreb). Explore the stunning 16 interlinked lakes & lush forest at the beautiful Plitvice National Park or Get adventurous with hiking, biking, paragliding, sailing, rafting, canoeing, kayaking and scuba diving.

Add to your Croatian experiences by exploring art museums and enjoying festivals and events which won't be another party-all-night thing. With exquisite cuisines made from locally sourced prime ingredients, olive oils and wines, your trip to the country will be, to say in a word- satiating!

TraveLibro provides an exhaustive travel guide for Croatia featuring popular cities, attractions, tours, best places to visit, where to go, tourist information, and itineraries.



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