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TraveLibro Latvia

Latvia is a celebration of everything big and small, be it the of the unspoiled natural beauty, of the serene after-independence charm, of the Gauja valley inspired folk tales, of the sun or of the seasons. What the tourist might not realise is the reason behind the heightened euphoria being this very celebratory spirit, amongst other beauties!

The tourist transits in trance of the beauty from the ancient - magnificent palaces, castles of Sigulda and Jurmala, historical villages and the mystical caves, to the present- sheer natural beauty of the Gulf of Riga, Baltic Sea, nature parks, forests, rivers, lakes and sandy beaches. The contrast then walks in through the cobbled streets of Riga in form of its vibrant night life, opera, theatres and many other sing and dance festivals. The celebration of the dawning of summer completely transforms the places with beer and festive spirit flowing in abundance! The raw, unexplored natural beauty, the traces of the past and the hues of the vibrant present along with the exquisite Latvian food, make Latvia irresistible to the explorer, more so because of its majorly unexplored territories!

TraveLibro provides an exhaustive travel guide for Latvia featuring popular cities, attractions, tours, best places to visit, where to go, tourist information, and itineraries.



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