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TraveLibro Turkey

The brilliance of Turkey lies in the essence of the Turks brimming with warmth, friendliness and hospitality that make the tourists magically feel at-home despite the absence of relativity. Combining the influences of the Middle East, Mediterranean, Balkans and Central Asia, the graceful co-existence of mosques with churches, Roman theatres and temples gives an ideal picture of world unity.

Placed between Europe and Asia, Turkey tells an eternal tale of a history like no other! The magnificence of the Ottoman empire, mementoes left long ago by Byzantine Christians, works of Armenians and Sufism of Dervishes add a mystic charm that no tourist can escape. The remains of these can be seen in form of Islamic monuments, intoxicating bazaars and the ruins on the Mediterranean beaches. The impact of these multiple influences and the present inhabitants can be seen in its profound depth of culture where gypsy festivals, dervish ceremonies, classical music festivals and football matches are celebrated with equal euphoria.

The adventurous spirit of exploring the rich history doesn't stop there. It then moves forward with activities like the Bosporus cruise, hitting the markets and the night clubs, mix-trekking, horse riding and water sports. Live the legendary experience of Turkey!

TraveLibro provides an exhaustive travel guide for Turkey featuring popular cities, attractions, tours, best places to visit, where to go, tourist information, and itineraries.



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