Itinerary : Adirondacks Adventure

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Adirondacks Adventure

5 days

Adventure orange Adventure

Usa United States of America

Lake George

from day 1 to day 5
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Quality Inn Lake George

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Caffe Vero Mario's Restaurant Lone Bull Pancake & Steak Lake George Baking Company Farmhouse at The Top Of The World Bistro LeRoux Ali Baba Express

Rec mustdo icon must do's

Sunset Dinner Horseback Tour Adirondack Winery Great Escape Fun Park and Splashwater Kingdom White Water Rafting Hot Air Balloon Ride Treetop Adventure Park Kayaking Trip Sunset


Day 1:

1. Enjoy zip line Tarzan swings at the Treetop Adventure Park.

Day 2:

1. Paddle on the beautiful Lake on a kayaking tour.

2. Enjoy a sunset dinner horseback tour, enjoy the ride to the summit of Beech Mountain and marvel at the vistas on offer.

Day 3:

1. Compete with the gushing river currents of Hudson River Gorge on a white water wafting trip.
1. Fly like a bird in the air and enjoy the fun activity of parasailing near Lake George.


Day 4:

1. Take the breathtaking views of Lake George from your hot air balloon basket.

(Try: or
2. Sample some of the fruity wines at the Adirondack Winery on a Wine Tasting tour.

Day 5:

1. Hop on some of the most thrilling rides or enjoy the water park rides at the Great Escape Fun Park and Splashwater Kingdom.

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  • United States of America
  • Lake George

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