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Maldives Adventure

5 days

Adventure orange Adventure

Maldevis Maldives

North Male Atoll

from day 1 to day 5
Rec hotel icon stayed at

Four Seasons Resort Maldives at Kuda Huraa

Rec res icon ate at

Baraabaru Reef Club Café Huraa Kandu Grill Sunset Lounge Visit the Four Seasons Resort Maldives at Landaa Giraavaru (old_restaurants: Al Barakat / Café Landaa / Fuego Grill / Blu)

Rec mustdo icon must do's

Kayaking Scuba Diving - Manta Point Diving with Whale Sharks Wakeboarding Vu Boarding Twilight Fishing Sailing Jet Skiing at Kurumba Resort Stand Up Paddle Boating Baraabaru Cooking Class Seaplane Ride Shark Snorkel Safari Dolphin Watching Cruise Windsurfing


Day 1:


1. Enjoy surfing and paddling a boat when you go Stand Up Paddle Boating.

2. Brace yourself when you swim with the leopards and hammerhead sharks on a Shark Snorkel Safari.

3. Explore the different atolls and flip and somersault in the air when you go Jet Skiing.


Day 2:


1. Witness the myriad shades of blue meet green when you head out on a Seaplane Ride.

2. Skim the mirror like waters and see the fish swim when you go Kayaking.

3. Feel the spray of the sea on you as you go Windsurfing.

4. Swim and glide alongside the gentle manta rays when you go Scuba Diving at Manta Point.


Day 3:


1. Wake up at the crack of dawn and feel an adrenalin rush when you go Wakeboarding.

2. Savour an unforgettable experience when you go deep into the blue waters and go Diving with Whale Sharks.

3. Experience the joys of a Dolphin Watching Cruise when you see these intelligent mammals swim alongside your boat.

4. Watch the fish jump and gambole in the waters just as dusk sets in when you go Twilight Fishing.


Day 4:


1. Discover the joys of Vu Boarding and experience the underwater beauty.

2. Learn the joys of Creole cooking combined with a touch of Indian cuisine when you attend a Baraabaru Cooking Class.


Day 5:


1. Hire a boat and spend the day sailing lazily into the azure blue waters of the Indian Ocean.


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