How To Be A Traveling Couple And Not Kill Each Other

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Every couple has its ups and downs. But traveling couples have lots of them! Constantly changing environment, travel-related threads, as well as an adventurous lifestyle makes people approach romantic relationships from a little bit different angle.

On the one hand, constant travel is a source of permanent conflict. On the other hand, never-ending new impressions “renew” your feelings and provoke crazy outbursts of passion.

So how do you find the golden mean to make your relationship as sincere and tender as possible?

2. Take care of each other. You must be not only lovers, you have to become soul mates, caring and helping each other whenever it is possible. While traveling it is not about etiquette or social conventions, it is about survival. If someone gets sick and the other doesn’t do everything possible to help…well, your joint travels are over.

3. Compromise. Never ever argue! It is good to make decisions together, but it is horrible to oppose your partner’s ideas. For example, once Nastia insisted on going to Agra, India, even though it was not in the itinerary and there were no train tickets left to buy. Nevertheless, Illia bought tickets for a bus to go to look at the Taj Mahal. As we realized later this bus belonged to some religious sect and the trip to Agra was in general pretty awful. This case helped us in making some valuable conclusions: despite all the travel difficulties, we acted as a devoted couple, capable of moving in one direction, no matter what.

4. Be romantic. It’s really hard to keep the romance alive while traveling, since you don’t have a single chance to hide some physical nuances, like diarrhea, for example. Moreover, real dates are rare as well, since you spend 24/7 together anyway. Therefore, you must consciously organize romantic evenings. Go to a restaurant and order something unusual, drink wine at the beach, or just have a couple massage. 

5. Divide responsibilities. It sounds like common sense, but when we see couples with two backpacks, we always think “What?!” In our case, Illia carries the backpack (one for two of us) and Nastia packs it. Illia cares about travel itinerary and Nastia cooks food. Unless your duties are divided, you’ll clash all the time. 


Illia and Nastia are passionate about each other, traveling around the world and sharing their experiences at, a blog where you can find plenty of budget travel tips as well as practical information about numerous destinations. They have already been to 33 countries on 4 continents and there ain’t no stopping them. Visit their website to learn more about traveling around the world or check out their latest story about how to get along while traveling

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