Picturesque Villages Around The World

Travelibro Travel Blog Picturesque Villages Around The World

We are all guilty of staring at the beautiful panoramas that adorn the glossy travel magazines. Most of us pick our travel destinations after looking at these pictures. We’ve thrown in twelve panoramas of villages that will instantly transport you from your work station, in the middle of work hours, to these scintillating destinations.  Grab a cup of coffee and scroll away…

Eze, France

Travelibro Travel Blog Picturesque Villages Around The World Eze France

Perched atop a dramatic cliff like an eagle’s nest, this quaint town takes you back in time to the medieval era. Across its lush canvas, the azure-blue waters of the Mediterranean radiate gloriously.  As much as you enjoy gaping in awe at its panorama, you’ll love to soak up its history as you stroll along its narrow streets, even better. Keep your eyes peeled, everything here is about detail, notice the well preserved old stone buildings.   

Morro De Sao Paulo, Brazil

Travelibro Travel Blog Picturesque Villages Around The World Morro De Sao Paulo Brazil

The beach village of Morro De Sao Paulo intricately weaves in its canvas the hills, jungles, mangroves and sea, that’s all a part of the Tinhare archipelago. The most notable aspect about this place is that it restricts the use of automobiles, instead uses waterways and air ways as a mode to commute. Tucked far away from the chaos, the village is the perfect spot for those craving some quiet time away from the buzzing urban life.

Giethoorn, Netherlands

Travelibro Travel Blog Picturesque Villages Around The World Giethoorn NetherlandsImage Credit: Littleaom /

The little water village of Giethoorn resembles a set of a Disney film. Its roadway network is extremely restricted. Fret not! To move from one place to another, the well-connected canal network, meddling through its rich vegetation, won’t let you miss the mundane mode of transport at all. As you wade through the waters, you pass quaint thatched roof houses, arched wooden bridges and occasionally hear ducks quacks and birds chirping, adding divine music of nature to your journey.

Bilbury, England

Travelibro Travel Blog Picturesque Villages Around The World Bilbury England

Old world charm embraces the tiny village of Bilbury in a timeless grasp. Stroll along the crystal-clear River Coln, which flows through the village with the local street on one side and the water meadows, called Rack Isle, on the other. The quaint stone cottages, the villages’ quintessential feature, especially at the famed Arlingtom Row, once served as the weaver’s cottage.

Shirakawa Go, Japan

Travelibro Travel Blog Picturesque Villages Around The World Shirakawa Go Japan

Shirakawa Go – Japan recreates your dream home so perfectly that you want to leave everything and spend your entire life here. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this mountainous village has all that’s needed for a blissful life; it features the calm Sho River flowing through the wide spread rice fields. The village showcases a distinct architectural style known as Gassho-Zukuri, designed in a way to deflect the heavy snow fall.

Hallstatt, Austria

Travelibro Travel Blog Picturesque Villages Around The World Hallstatt Austria

The lakeside village of Hallstatt, decked with stunning baroque architecture, is an explorer’s, poet’s and painter’s delight. The picture elaborates this quite well. This historically wealthy village is a premium venue for salt mining. The Hallstatt culture of the early Iron Age Celtic derives its name from this village.

Wengen, Switzerland

Travelibro Travel Blog Picturesque Villages Around The World Wengen Switzerland

The picture post card Wengen is the gateway to the Mount Jungfrau, in the heart of Switzerland. The lush landscape of this village is dotted with scarce timber houses. The transport-free village further heightens its serenity quo. No! Winter doesn’t kill its beauty. The village doubles up as a skiing paradise.

Riomaggiore, Italy

Travelibro Travel Blog Picturesque Villages Around The World Riomaggiore Cinque Terra Italy

The colorful houses and boats contrast beautifully against the waters of the Italian Riviera. Dating back to the early 13th century, this village is the part of the Cinque Terra village cluster, located in the Liguria region famous for its wine production. When the village light up at dusk, the vibrant houses, blue waters of the river, rocky shore, and steep streets wear a beautiful charm like none other.

Ping'An Village, China

Travelibro Travel Blog Picturesque Villages Around The World Ping'An Village China

Decked with the verdant Longji rice terraces, this mountainous village is mostly inhabited by the Zhuang and Yao minority community. Layers of rice paddies are stacked up contrasted with  houses dripping with flavors of traditional 100-year old architecture featuring hemp railing.  This panorama of Ping'An Village eloquently recalls the countryside charm of China.

Reine (Lofoten Island), Norway

Travelibro Travel Blog Picturesque Villages Around The World Reine Lofoten Island Norway

The fishing village located on the Lofoten Island is the apt venue for an artist and the adventure enthusiast. Hugging the shoreline in an inconsistent way, surrounded by the dramatic cliffs, flora rich meadows, the village is mostly dotted by the red and white fisherman’s huts, few of which are even rented as an accommodation.

Mawlynnong, India

Travelibro Travel Blog Picturesque Villages Around The World Mawlynnong IndiaImage Credit: Ashwain Kumar

Mawlynnong effectively lives up to title of being the cleanest village of Asia. Surrounded by the rich natural flora, this village is surely the pride of India. The community’s painstaking effort to ban plastic to maintain the ambience of a clean village has paid off well.  It is well renowned for The Living Root Bridge boasting that offers unmatched views.

Palangan (Kurdistan), Iran

Travelibro Travel Blog Picturesque Villages Around The World Palangan Kurdistan Iran

One look at this panorama and it gets all the Game of Thrones fans planning a trip to Palangan, Kurdistan in Iran. This village offers an interesting presentation of traditional steeped houses nestled on the rugged mountains. The roof of one house acts as the courtyard for the upper house. Wrapped in distressed flavours of ancient ruins, Palangan resembles the Dothraki settlement showcased in the popular fantasy-drama series.

- Saket Dave and Shireen Kanchwala

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