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Our blog for today is by guest blogger: Stacey Price, an expert on Caribbean Cruises

Imagine yourself snorkeling along the Great Mesoamerican Reef in Cozumel, Mexico one day and mountain biking through the lush rainforests of Belize the very next. Caribbean cruises offer travelers the chance to explore many tropical places in one action-packed vacation.  Who doesn’t love the Caribbean? Mild climates throughout the year, beautiful beaches, pristine waters and plenty of sun make this tropical hotspot a favorite among many. When planning your next cruise vacation, consider adding some of these must-see cruise destinations to your next itinerary. 


Belize is a beautiful, tropical paradise filled with many natural wonders to explore both offshore and onshore. While English is its official language, Spanish is commonly spoken. Belize has a rich Mayan heritage evidenced by the many mysterious ancient temples waiting to be explored. Swimming enthusiasts flock to Belize to swim, dive and snorkel because it has the second largest reef system in the world, as well as an impressive system of underground caves and rivers. Spend the day taking in Belize’s culture while strolling through the marketplace in Belize City, mingling with the locals as you shop for arts and crafts, fruits and vegetables.


Immerse your soul in the sounds of calypso and reggae music as you indulge your taste buds in the rich delicacies of Grenada, often referred to as the Island of Spice. Grenada is a prominent producer of cloves, nutmeg, ginger, cinnamon and allspice. Spend the day at the popular Grand Anse Beach, a 2-mile stretch of white sand paradise.  There are also plenty of restaurants and beach bars along the promenade. Do you love to hike or have a desire to experience some of Grenada’s most beautiful sites? The Seven Sisters Waterfalls and Mt. Carmel Waterfalls will not disappoint you. 

Grand Turk

Turquoise waters and duty-free shopping are just a few examples of what this laid-back island has to offer its cruise patrons. This island is truly an oasis. You can choose to relax on the famous Governor’s Beach, sample fresh conch and enjoy its picture-perfect setting, or  explore  the  island to learn about its historical landmarks. If you are feeling a little adventurous, go on an excursion to Gibbs Cay and swim with stingrays.  


Antigua is in the heart of the Caribbean with more than 365 islands to explore. Traces of Antigua’s British colonial past are still evident in some of the Antiguans daily rituals and passions. Tea and scones are served in the afternoon throughout the island and Cricket is a passion for the locals. Discover your own slice of heaven whether you decide to take a canopy tour through Antigua’s rainforest or hang out with the locals at the live and colorful Public Market in St. Johns. 

San Juan Puerto Rico

Another popular destination among cruisers is San Juan Puerto Rico. It is one of the largest islands in the Eastern Caribbean and a territory of the United States. Underground caves, mountains, coral reefs and white-sand beaches are all stunning examples of the variety of landscapes available for travelers to explore. Spend the day trying your luck in the casinos. Explore the tropical wonders of The Caribbean National Rain Forest, or spend the day sipping authentic Spanish-style sangria as you bask in the beauty of Puerto Rico’s heavenly beaches.

There are thousands of islands in the Caribbean waiting to be explored, and they are remarkably diverse. Great beaches, water sports and unforgettable shore adventures await you in the Caribbean.

Stacey Price's Bio: 

Stacey Price is a WAHM (work at home mom) that began her writing career in 2009. She spends most of her time writing online content for various clients. Her passion for travel fuels her curiosity to experience and see it all one state, city, town, country and continent at a time.

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